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slave_claim's Journal

Claim A Slave
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All Members , Moderated

- One slave can be claimed per journal user. Since I'm nice, I'll let you trade them in if you'd like. Don't abuse the privilage.

- Read the claims list FIRST to see if your wanted claim has already been taken.
New: I have just added that ANYONE can be claimed a total of two times each. If the person you want has already been claimed twice, then please choose someone else.

- Claims can be : Anyone. LJ users, cartoon/anime characters, celebrities; dead or alive. (Even though...that's kind of weird...)

- Claiming of alternate personas of a character are allowed, on the basis that they ARE alternates, not a few minute change in character.

- NO flaming or fighting. If I catch any, your slave will be taken away and you will be banned.

- Promoting your own community is allowed, just don't over do it. If you post a link to your claiming community in an entry, I will gladly add it to the list below.

- All claims are subject to refusal by the moderators. It is highly unlikely, but on rare chance, you can be denied. Please be mature about it and move on. There are a million other communities out there that you can claim Engelbert Humperdink in (or try to claim. He's very popular with the kids these days.)

- When you claim someone, this does not mean you can stalk down Tom Cruise and say, "HEY! You are my slave! Hey! Get these handcuffs off me, officer!" because this is just a community meant for fun.

- When posting your claim in the community, please state where the person is from (Movie, Book, Band, etc.). Or, if it is a LJ user, please use the user tags so I don't update the list incorrectly.

- If you leave the community, you give up your claim for another person. Also, if you delete your journals I will remove the claim from the list. If you switch journals, please post saying so. That way you're not giving away your claims.

- Have fun with your new pets... and do not break them. ;)

:: Claim a Slave ::

Maintainer - delusivexdreams

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If you'd like your claiming community linked here, then post the link to it with your claim.